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With over 20 years of geotechnical engineering experience over a large variety of projects in Oregon and California, Marquess & Associates Geotechnical Department specializes in the region’s unique soil, drainage, and seismic conditions. We provide complete geotechnical engineering services to support consulting engineering firms, architects, contractors, planners and engineering staffs of industry and government agencies. These services range from feasibility and planning studies, soil and foundation analysis, groundwater control, and construction monitoring, to investigations for the assessment of liquefaction.

Quality control is provided at all times through the direct supervision of the Principal Geotechnical Engineer.

As part of a multi-disciplined firm, Marquess geotechnical experts routinely work closely and seamlessly with other professionals to provide cost-effective, buildable designs. We have learned that today’s clients and technical challenges demand detailed consideration of the total construction process to ensure project success. Our capability and expertise consistently brings us clients who seek more than just average experience and knowledge.

Marquess & Associates are licensed as Professional Civil Engineers in Oregon and as a Registered Geotechnical Engineer and Professional Engineer in California.

The soil testing laboratory is equipped to provide a range of classification, strength, expansion, and settlement tests including swell, unconfined compression, consolidation, Expansion Index, Atterberg Limits and gradation, as well as moisture and density. We also have several tools for field sampling work, including a nuclear field density test gauge, proctors, Terzaghi samplers, probes, Corps of Engineers knocker and augers.

The Marquess Geotechnical Department is committed to your success. Please contact me directly to discuss your needs and how we may be of service to you.
CONTACT: Rick Swanson, P.E., Geotechnical Engineering Department Head


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